Cockblocking Rapists Is A Moral Obligation; or, How To Stop Rape Right Now

Posted on October 28, 2013


One thing i’ve learned in my young life is that pretty much EVERYBODY knows someone who has been raped or otherwise sexually assaulted. It’s time to take a stand.

Throughout the now nearly five year history of this blog, I’ve written extensively about the dynamics of rape, who the rapists are, how they operate and what has to happen in the culture to make them stop.  Much of this is broad, and involves decades of change.  In the words of an old Jewish saying imparted to me by Jaclyn Friedman, “it is not yours to complete the work; neither is it yours to desist from it.”

But rape the social problem takes decades to solve, and the rapes that happen to us or our friends or the people we love don’t happen over decades, they happen all of a sudden.  When people read things like my responses to Emily Yoffe, they want to know, “I don’t have decades.  What do I do now?”

The activist answer to this question, in the broadest terms, is really easy.  You do…

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