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random thoughts, and Voting and Women

August 21, 2012


What, if anything, would change by people being able to see the billions of stars above our heads each night? What, if anything, would change if people got out in nature more? How am I going to critique the suffragist movement, while still giving credit where credit is due, without sounding like a total ass? […]

the resurrection… of my blog

July 25, 2012


As we’ve been entering into the full swing of political theatre with the impending November election, I have (clearly) taken a hiatus from this blog.  From October to April I was occupying and that was a full time endeavor.  I’m now going to attempt in the coming months to resurrect it,  because even if all […]

NATO, G8, #May1, and why we should give a fuck

February 23, 2012


“There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part. And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop. […]

A paper on White Privilege, Racism, and White Supremacy

February 23, 2012


I wrote this a while ago (I think 2009 or 2010), just found it. Figured I might as well put it out there into the interwebs discourse:   The race debate.  “Does racism exist anymore?” has been a popular question in the media since Barack Obama ran for president.  While many people claim that we […]

I’ll be home for Christmas…

December 14, 2011


and I’m pretty nervous about it.  Or rather, a lot of anxiety is arising.  I’m excited, don’t get me wrong.  But it will also be a very dramatic shift from the life i’ve been living for the last 5-6 weeks.  Just being in a house for a consistent period of time will be a trip […]

Hello Again

December 2, 2011


Since Occupy Honolulu began I have been ignoring this blog, and have spent far less time on the computer in general.  Funny how that happens when you’re constantly engaging in real life issues 🙂 I finally have something to say about my experiences (or part of those experiences) so far… This began as a letter/video […]

CHARTS: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…

October 12, 2011


CHARTS: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…. The problem in a nutshell is this: Inequality in this country has hit a level that has been seen only once in the nation’s history, and unemployment has reached a level that has been seen only once since the Great Depression. And, at the […]