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why herman cain is a crazy person AND a major douche

July 17, 2011


herman-cain-im-not-discriminating-but-americans-should-be-able-to-ban-mosques… – StumbleUpon.  So first he says that american communities should be able to ban mosques.  We shouldn’t be able to ban other religious institutions, but just mosques because brown people are inherently evil.  So obviously the blatant bigotry and xeonophobia that resides within the soul of hermain cain makes him a total wanker and […]

Why the News of the World scandal is about you, no matter where you live (aka: Rupert Murdoch is evil)

July 16, 2011


Tiger Beatdown › Why the News of the World scandal is about you, no matter where you live. To the general public, all of this might seem very domestically British, very distant and while certainly a political misfortune, a series of events that hold little weight for the rest of us, non British residents. Except […]

‪NineteenPercent on Planned Parenthood‬‏

July 14, 2011


‪Planned Parenthood‬‏ – YouTube.


July 9, 2011

0 this is a whole bunch of madness.

Read this – Seriously: “What Obama Wants”

July 7, 2011


What Obama Wants – Paul Krugman is a boss Mr. Obama’s people will no doubt argue that their fellow party members should trust him, that whatever deal emerges was the best he could get. But it’s hard to see why a president who has gone out of his way to echo Republican rhetoric and […]

Republicans bail on debt talks because….

June 23, 2011


they’re acting like small, egocentric children.  (BBC News – Republicans walk out of debt talks with Joe Biden.) Because the democrats (and plenty of american people) know that the only way they’re going to get out of this horrible mess is by taxing the super rich, those people who have hoarded money over the last […]


June 23, 2011


First, I think it’s super wack how humans think they own the ocean.  Motherfuckers, you don’t own the ocean! Nothing owns the ocean; many creatures inhabit it, and humans aren’t even one of them!  We are the last beings who should claim dominion of the freaking ocean.  Let alone get mad when other people “encroach” on […]