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vaginal penis traps and the beauty of the information sharing age

August 5, 2012


the main reason i frequent facebook is because it presents a platform to share and discuss ideas that are broadcasted to wide networks (actually, this is one of two reasons i like facebook, for i know it is a monster). i know usually on the internet in many forums and comments sections under blogs/news stories […]

Hello Again

December 2, 2011


Since Occupy Honolulu began I have been ignoring this blog, and have spent far less time on the computer in general.  Funny how that happens when you’re constantly engaging in real life issues 🙂 I finally have something to say about my experiences (or part of those experiences) so far… This began as a letter/video […]

seriously, read this: A rant about street harassment

August 6, 2011


A rant about street harassment — Feministe. FUCK YES. I highly suggest reading the entire thing. it stirred something powerful inside of me. Here’s a few exerpts: And I love the feel of gentle rain on my legs, which so rarely get to experience the kiss of wind on damp skin. For me there’s something […]

IDF: Wages of Terror Are Sodomy

June 23, 2011


IDF: Wages of Terror Are Sodomy « Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place. Now, Erez Efrati, a former bodyguard for IDF chief of staff Gaby Ashkenazi is falling on the mercy of an Israeli court in theappeal of his conviction for raping and attempted sodomy of a woman after a stag party.  He […]

So What’s a Slutwalk? Round three

June 13, 2011


Easy activism tip for the day: Refuse to degrade women who are expressing their sexuality or fashion sense. aka: no more calling women sluts.   SlutWalk protests: A dress is not a yes – I keep posting about this topic because i think it’s probably one of the most important news/politics/culture stories/activism pieces I’ve […]

Unconscious women are sexually unavailable women

June 10, 2011


Consent ruling sends a welcome and clear message.  Mostly: The majority in the 6-3 decision, written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and joined by the other three female and two male justices, ruled against the idea of “advance consent” to sexual assault. They properly concluded there can be no consent in law when a woman […]

So what’s a Slut Walk? Round two

June 7, 2011


Early last month I posted on the slutwalks that were going down.. sorta. I linked an article to it.  Since then the controversy, fervor, love and hate surrounding these events has not quieted.  The momentum has carried.  So here’s a little more information on the SlutWalks: Here’s a GREAT VIDEO of Jessica Valenti discussing the […]