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August 2, 2012


Originally posted on The Crunk Feminist Collective:
    On this “Throwback Thursday,”  I wanted to revisit one of Crunkista’s earlier posts–a kick-ass kiss-off letter to patriarchy. I think it’s eternal in relevance and general crunkness. Enjoy! ***************************************************************************************************************************** Dear Patriarchy, This isn’t working. We both know that it hasn’t been working for a very long…

Water bans and thoughts

June 6, 2012


Ok so check this out… The UK got hella rain the last couple months “significantly reducing ” the threat of a drought.  Awesome, right?! And this means that water companies will lift the hosepipe ban (restricted use of water by citizens – but never fear my dears, the Olympics will be unaffected ) which is positive […]

It’s a girl thing

June 6, 2012


Wage discrimination, that is.  Of course it’s absolutely not exclusively a women’s issue.  People of color experience this “phenomenon” as well. And transgender  people.  So you can bet that trans women of color are shit out of luck when it comes to equal pay.  I could insert facts and cite sources, but if you think […]

mildly incoherent thoughts

May 5, 2012


bear with me.. I have a lot of complex thoughts and emotions running wild inside this being of mine – moving back to california has been quite a shock.. culturally, physically, mentally, spiritually.  I expected nothing less, but living it and anticipating it are worlds apart, no? So these were my first attempts at getting […]

OWS – goals/messages and politics

October 24, 2011


A founder of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ talks about movement’s origin and what comes next | The Raw Story. I just wanted to share these two sections because I believe this “founder” (dangerous to pick out individuals, imo) does a great job of capturing the essence.  From NY to Honolulu, the message is the same: People […]

U.S. And Israel Kept Lid on Bomb Sale

September 26, 2011


WikiLeaks Cable: U.S. And Israel Kept Lid on Bomb Sale to ‘Avoid Any Allegations’ of Preparations to Strike Iran | NationofChange. read it. research it yourself. nothing suprising really.

Daily Practice

September 15, 2011


Stole this from my bff’s blog – definitely going to incorporate this into my daily practice. Mindfulness and gratitude are KEY to self care. 10 minutes a day of sweets and joy…. and joyness.  New revisions to my little Red Moleskine of daily questions: morning 1) what am i grateful for? 2) what about that […]