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Thesis Intro –

October 14, 2013


This needs minor adjustments and fact-checking… asterisks mark the spots, as well as some more clear definitions and expansions towards the end… where I talk about what my paper is ACTUALLY going to be about.  But here is the next step on my journey.     All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, […]

Hello, my friend, hello. It’s good to need you so…

July 27, 2013


I’ve been very MIA on here.  Very stop … go … stop …  go …  stop…….. Perhaps I will get around to eloquently describing the experiences this year has brought so far and the new queer ways I am viewing the world and myself.  Spark-notes version: A lot of personal growth and transformation.  A lot […]

random thoughts, and Voting and Women

August 21, 2012


What, if anything, would change by people being able to see the billions of stars above our heads each night? What, if anything, would change if people got out in nature more? How am I going to critique the suffragist movement, while still giving credit where credit is due, without sounding like a total ass? […]

A paper on White Privilege, Racism, and White Supremacy

February 23, 2012


I wrote this a while ago (I think 2009 or 2010), just found it. Figured I might as well put it out there into the interwebs discourse:   The race debate.  “Does racism exist anymore?” has been a popular question in the media since Barack Obama ran for president.  While many people claim that we […]

Say “white supremacist heteropatriarchal nationalism” 5x fast!

September 14, 2011


Short History (2) — Feministe. I’ve been waiting for this post!  My brain is in love. Check out the breakdown of these ideas… or even.. just think about them.  Read. Ponder. I’m stoked: So why does any of this matter? Well, if capitalism is a system of distribution that normalizes the idea that some have more […]

What do Michigan, Feminism, and White Supremacist Heteropatriarchy have in common?

September 12, 2011


Read this and find out. A short history (1) — Feministe: I’m going to get in specific details of the 1940s Detroit (the Arsenal of Democracy) era in my next post. Because 1940s Detroit is the reason that we should all care about what is going on in Detroit right now–and I would argue that it’s the […]

How to counter the “you’re racist for calling me racist” thing white people do

August 31, 2011


*Update: As a general rule, I Don’t advocate for anyone to run around calling people racists.. I don’t think that will solve anything (even if it’s true).  I think it makes much more sense to understand and address the issue in all of its complexities. article: Whites Deny Racism Continues to Exist | LA Progressive. This […]