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they’re not even TRYING to be sneaky or elusive about it anymore…

July 19, 2011


On debt, Obama team pleaded with credit rating firms before downgrade warnings – The Washington Post. At one key moment, worried that news of a potential downgrade could wreak havoc on the markets, officials summoned four Standard & Poor’s analysts to a meeting with nearly every senior member of President Obama’s economic team at which Treasury Secretary Timothy […]

Budget Deal to Get Complex, I Get Nervous

June 11, 2011


Budget Deal to Get Complex as Cuts Are Decided – I think anyone who is in favor of fair cuts and true reform should be a little nervous after what we saw earlier in the year: “That was about numbers,” Senator Kent Conrad, a North Dakota Democrat who is the chairman of the Budget […]

Details of the Bipartisan Budget Deal

April 9, 2011


Details of the Bipartisan Budget Deal | The White House. I know i’m exhausted and my emotions are a little out of whack because of how tired i am, but reading this literally made me cry… i’ve been trying to stay away from news for the last few days (well, the internet in generally… really, […]

enough is enough… seriously

March 15, 2011


I just don’t understand…. and i’m really fucking frustrated about it. Teacher Layoff Day at Mission High | Mother Jones: Even though the state’s real budget numbers will only become clear after a special election in June—in which Governor Jerry Brown will ask voters to approve a temporary sales tax increase to save schools—California mandates today’s […]