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A Teen Feminist Calls the Westboro Baptist Church

July 17, 2011


A Teen Feminist Calls the Westboro Baptist Church | fbomb. i love everything about this… especially the fact that a young woman took the initiative to call people up and ask them point blank what they thought of feminism. More of us should be doing stuff like this. Alright, cool. So anybody who defines themself […]

pray the gay – i mean the nation’s problems – away

June 11, 2011


Texas Governor’s Prayer Event Criticized – The Web site created for the event, which is calledThe Response, says the meeting “has adopted the American Family Association statement of faith,” including the infallibility of the Bible, the centrality of Jesus Christ and the eternal damnation that awaits nonbelievers. “I have followed religion and politics closely […]

One Nation, Under God

June 8, 2011


Secular Coalition for America Action Alert System. Declaring that “some problems are beyond our power to solve,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is asking his 49 fellow governors to join him at an evangelical Christian prayer meeting in Houston to “call upon Jesus to guide us” and ask for “God’s forgiveness, wisdom and provision.”   […]

WWJ NOT Do.. real talk

June 6, 2011


I’m not a fan of Christianity, or Catholicism, or any organized religion for that matter.  I do, however, think Jesus was a baller.  I think if Christians followed the teachings of their CHRIST the world would be a much better place (we all know the Ghandi quote about how christians are so unlike christ is […]