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#dearjohn…#ihadanabortion & it’s none of your business

March 21, 2011


Today a friend I care deeply about shared that she was having what I’ll call a moment (will explain in one second), and it made me angry, because I know those feelings, and women shouldn’t have to feel this way years after having an abortion.  It triggered a lot of my own feelings as well. […]

happy hump day

March 9, 2011


From feministing, a couple of news stories that are absolutely atrocious.  An 11 year old girl was raped by as many as 18 men and the victim blaming is out of control…. also a trans woman was brutally murdered. and THEN (as if that wasn’t enough) from USC some “rape-tastic” email was sent around degrading […]

On Abortion

November 19, 2010


ABORTION This was originally posted on my tumblr but i wanted to make it more easily accessible. so here it is. (with a few edits) *disclaimer: i realize the points i make are highly subjective, are not intended to be blanket statements or to appear as if I have some final authority on the subject. […]