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why herman cain is a crazy person AND a major douche

July 17, 2011


herman-cain-im-not-discriminating-but-americans-should-be-able-to-ban-mosques… – StumbleUpon.  So first he says that american communities should be able to ban mosques.  We shouldn’t be able to ban other religious institutions, but just mosques because brown people are inherently evil.  So obviously the blatant bigotry and xeonophobia that resides within the soul of hermain cain makes him a total wanker and […]

Who are the REAL terrorists?

March 10, 2011


Since 9/11 there has been a lot of focus on “terrorists” (as we all know so very well).  Discussions around terrorism (specifically domestic terrorism) has increased lately and now there are bills (i believe more than one) to ban the practicing of parts of Sharia Law (which I wrote about here) and now I’ve read […]

at the airport

December 2, 2010


After sleeping through my alarm and missing my flight to Maui this morning at 5am and moving a million miles a minute and in a thousand different directions to get my stuff together, get through the traffic and to the airport for the next flight I could get on, one thing made me step back, […]