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oh that damn *liberal* media

April 28, 2011


Bozell Column: Obama Unloved, Here and Abroad | Turn the page backward, and on page A-10, there’s another story. More Americans disapprove of President Obama’s management of the war in Afghanistan than support it: 44 percent approved, 49 percent disapproved. Once again, just focus on the independents: 53 percent disapproved of Obama’s handling of […]

Alex Jones & Public Paranoia

March 28, 2011


How Radio Host Alex Jones Has Cornered the Bipartisan Paranoia Market — New York Magazine. Alex Jones, a popular talk-radio host who is today’s leading proponent and marketer of political paranoia. “The globalists have stolen the world’s power,” he told me recently, with surprisingly abundant good cheer. first I’m not sure how calling out the […]

Revelations and Stuff

November 30, 2010


I just have a lot to say today. Mostly about some articles I came across. First, I have to talk about one that could easily be dismissed as ridiculous if it weren’t so very real… the fact that tons of people aren’t calling this out as absurd is scary. I am a very spiritual being, […]


November 29, 2010


So I watched Get Him to the Greek for the second time last night, and there’s this one part of the movie that keeps replaying in my head. It’s a small scene and i couldn’t find any clips of it to post, but it’s the part at the beginning where Jonah Hill is talking to […]