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Hello Again

December 2, 2011


Since Occupy Honolulu began I have been ignoring this blog, and have spent far less time on the computer in general.  Funny how that happens when you’re constantly engaging in real life issues 🙂 I finally have something to say about my experiences (or part of those experiences) so far… This began as a letter/video […]

happy hump day

March 9, 2011


From feministing, a couple of news stories that are absolutely atrocious.  An 11 year old girl was raped by as many as 18 men and the victim blaming is out of control…. also a trans woman was brutally murdered. and THEN (as if that wasn’t enough) from USC some “rape-tastic” email was sent around degrading […]

charlie sheen is a fool, and a batterer

March 4, 2011


I’m pretty sick of hearing about Mister Sheen, but if I must at least it’s in a way that’s trying to keep him (and other men… and people in general with our misogynistic attitudes towards certain women)  accountable: Objectification and abuse, it follows, is not only an accepted occupational hazard for certain women, but something that men […]