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NYTimes Sues The Federal Government

October 12, 2011


NYTimes Sues The Federal Government For Refusing To Reveal Its Secret Interpretation Of The PATRIOT Act | Techdirt. Savage and the NY Times have now sued the federal government for not revealing its interpretation of the PATRIOT Act, pointing out that if parts of the interpretation contain classified material, the Justice Department should black that out […]

the sexism in sex scandles – politics style

June 13, 2011


The New York Times has an article out about why women don’t get caught up in sex scandals the way male politicians do: It would be easy to file this under the category of “men behaving badly,” to dismiss it as a testosterone-induced, hard-wired connection between sex and power (powerful men attract women, powerful women […]

Canada.NYTimes is called out.UK protests

March 26, 2011


Apparently Canada’s government “has collapsed”… it sounds so much more drastic than it seems to be.  I’d be interested in reading political blogs from Canada to see what people are saying about it. Ann Freidman is a boss, obviously. this piece (in response to this NY Times piece) is by far one of my favs […]

Libya Releases 4 New York Times Journalists

March 21, 2011


Libya Releases 4 New York Times Journalists – What global culture do we have where women captives are not only assaulted physically but sexually?  Where, as we saw with Lara Logan, there is little sympathy for victims? “Then I started crying,” she recalled. “And he was laughing more.” One man grabbed her breasts, the […]

Tell the NY Times their garbage is not acceptable

March 10, 2011


Petition: Tell the New York Times to Apologize for Blaming a Child for Her Gang Rape |   alternet breaks the article down well, and concisely: