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Bin Laden, Obama and the Democrats: shameless together (must read!)

May 2, 2011


Bin Laden, Obama and the Democrats: shameless together. best article today: Osama Bin Laden is dead, and we’re worried about anti-American violence by Osama supporters? Shouldn’t we be more worried about anti-American violence by Obama supporters? After all, isn’t that what the smug victory message by Obama effectively announced to us last night: any worries […]

oh that damn *liberal* media

April 28, 2011


Bozell Column: Obama Unloved, Here and Abroad | Turn the page backward, and on page A-10, there’s another story. More Americans disapprove of President Obama’s management of the war in Afghanistan than support it: 44 percent approved, 49 percent disapproved. Once again, just focus on the independents: 53 percent disapproved of Obama’s handling of […]

President Obama’s Vacation Days

April 9, 2011


President Obama’s Vacation Days | sick of hearing people bitch about Obama going on vacation. Not because he shouldn’t be critiqued or examined, but because those same people probably wouldn’t give two shits if it was a republican, or white, president… and it’s generally people who really really hate obama.  If they care sooooo […]

gettin in a quickie before work

March 28, 2011


Earth Hour Pictures: Before and After, Around the World. I feel like such a wanker. i totally forgot about earth hour! These pictures look super cool though. I hope the earth is a a little happier. Obama’s face will be on some anti-choice billboards: There are so many huge issues facing our world today that […]

just… more… shit

March 9, 2011


“A person is either your brother in faith or your equal in humanity.” ~ Imam Ali Obama’s Transparent Recovery? | Mother Jones.: Entitled WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency, this book, as Sifry puts it, is “a report from the trenches where a wide array of small-d democracy and transparency activists are hard at work using […]