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what, exactly, is the “moment of conception”

September 13, 2011


Mississippi to vote on reversing abortion rights by redefining ‘person’ | World news | Another flyover state is on the “Repeal Roe V. Wade” Bandwagon.  Not so shocking.  What is really bugging me though is this idea that life and personhood begins at “conception”: Mississippi voters will be allowed to vote on an initiative that […]

The politics of abortion.. a thought

June 15, 2011


I know I post a lot of articles about women’s reproductive justice, especially abortion, and most often these posts include long-winded rants wherein i deconstruct common notions around the issue (sums up most of my blogging, really). But here’s something really simple to think about: 1 in 3 women have at least one abortion in their lifetime. […]

New racist anti-choice billboard campaign to target Latinas

June 8, 2011


New racist anti-choice billboard campaign to target Latinas: I’m disgusted, but not particularly surprised. Like Steph, as a Latina, I’m angry that my community is being targeted. But I’m not more angry than I was when I saw the first billboards attacking African-American women. I already felt attacked by those original billboards, because these tactics aren’t actually about […]

How Conservatives Treat Young Women Who Choose “Life”

May 2, 2011


The Heartless Way Conservatives Treat Young Women Who Choose to Have Babies | | AlterNet If you choose life, but want to still be a person with goals like an education: The girls were arrested for holding a sit-in to protest the closing of their school, the Catherine Ferguson Academy, which was established to serve students […]

My news tonight

March 3, 2011


Potential 2012 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had some very nasty things to say about Natalie Portman for being pregnant out of wedlock,  and then continued to say more horrid things about the “reality” of most single mothers: Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can’t get a job, and if it weren’t for government assistance, […]

Blog for Choice

January 22, 2011


For two more hours it is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It’s also blog for choice day. From what I’ve seen the majority of blogging has been around abortion, and since I have done that already (here), I decided to take it a different route, because I think CHOICE encompasses a lot more than […]

On Abortion

November 19, 2010


ABORTION This was originally posted on my tumblr but i wanted to make it more easily accessible. so here it is. (with a few edits) *disclaimer: i realize the points i make are highly subjective, are not intended to be blanket statements or to appear as if I have some final authority on the subject. […]