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A paper on White Privilege, Racism, and White Supremacy

February 23, 2012


I wrote this a while ago (I think 2009 or 2010), just found it. Figured I might as well put it out there into the interwebs discourse:   The race debate.  “Does racism exist anymore?” has been a popular question in the media since Barack Obama ran for president.  While many people claim that we […]

How to counter the “you’re racist for calling me racist” thing white people do

August 31, 2011


*Update: As a general rule, I Don’t advocate for anyone to run around calling people racists.. I don’t think that will solve anything (even if it’s true).  I think it makes much more sense to understand and address the issue in all of its complexities. article: Whites Deny Racism Continues to Exist | LA Progressive. This […]

the infamous “race card” and “reverse racism”

August 10, 2011


“I’m sick of the race card” — Feministe. Nothing makes for the crazies quite like these kinds of stories.. at least from my perspective: But the big problem, of course, isn’t that a man is dead because a bunch of white racists decided to go hunting for human beings. The problem is The Race Card…. […]

Jailed for cashing Chase check at Chase bank

July 7, 2011


Jailed for cashing Chase check at Chase bank | Seattle. jeeeeezeee.. “I was embarrassed,” Njoku said. “She asked me what I did for a living. Asked me where I got the check from, looked me up and down—like ‘you just bought a house in Auburn, really?’ She didn’t believe that,” he said… …“I was like – […]

Racism 1.0

April 29, 2011


Pacherille : “I shot Mr. Lippitt because he was African American” | NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 – Utica News, Weather, Sports – | Local News. These kids are so young! What is going on in our culture, in our schools, in our homes, that allows for such blatant hatred of those who are different from […]

Davis’ comments shock GOP leaders – Special election –

March 15, 2011


I’m sure GOP leaders were shocked, racism 1.0 is so last year. 2.0 is all the rage nowadays. Jeeze, people, get with the times. Davis’ comments shock GOP leaders – Special election – The Buffalo News: “It may not be politically correct and it may not be racially correct, but when you have African American […]

hump day

March 15, 2011


Look at these young people being active, organizing themselves, and taking a stand. it gave me chills. Coming out is a concept initially used by the LGBT movement–and it may be our most powerful to date. Making ourselves visible, making ourselves known, is an incredible tool for change. Just as these young people risk it […]