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vaginal penis traps and the beauty of the information sharing age

August 5, 2012


the main reason i frequent facebook is because it presents a platform to share and discuss ideas that are broadcasted to wide networks (actually, this is one of two reasons i like facebook, for i know it is a monster). i know usually on the internet in many forums and comments sections under blogs/news stories […]

Women’s Rights Petition: Demand Facebook Remove Pages That Promote Sexual Violence (easy activism)

September 21, 2011


Women’s Rights Petition: Demand Facebook Remove Pages That Promote Sexual Violence | check it: The following are actual pages on Facebook:  “Raping your mates girlfriend to see if she can put up a fight”, “Kicking Sluts in the Vagina,” “I know a silly little bitch that needs a good slap,” and “Riding your Girlfriend softly, Cause […]

So what’s a Slut Walk? Round two

June 7, 2011


Early last month I posted on the slutwalks that were going down.. sorta. I linked an article to it.  Since then the controversy, fervor, love and hate surrounding these events has not quieted.  The momentum has carried.  So here’s a little more information on the SlutWalks: Here’s a GREAT VIDEO of Jessica Valenti discussing the […]

Getting Away with Murder on Long Island

April 21, 2011


Getting Away with Murder on Long Island. Men having been getting away with murdering women forever.  2-3 women a day are killed due to intimate partner violence, often they don’t even make local news.  Our culture supports violence against women, and particularly condones violence against “bad” women: It’s not yet clear whether one killer or […]

Revelations and Stuff

November 30, 2010


I just have a lot to say today. Mostly about some articles I came across. First, I have to talk about one that could easily be dismissed as ridiculous if it weren’t so very real… the fact that tons of people aren’t calling this out as absurd is scary. I am a very spiritual being, […]