Gem of the (yester)day: Step 1 of revolutionary praxis – don’t be a jerk

Posted on August 15, 2013


” the first unwritten rule of anarchy is ‘don’t be a douchebag’ All of the fancy theories, all of the discussions about tactics and support and building a new world by tearing down the old and what not all comes down to the fact that in this world people are often douchebags… To one another … To the planet… To animals… The goal of anarchy is to change that, not just a little but entirely”

We are the result of hundreds of years of oppression, genocide, capitalism, white supremacy, (hetero)sexism…. the works. Of course it is going to be a part of not only our collective psyche but it will and does manifest in us individually. But you dont have to be a bell hooks or tim wise or howard zinn or paulo freire to understand that douchebaggery is antithetical to liberatory praxis.  Its common fucking sense.

Too often in organizing I see people being ass holes. Ive been an ass hole. More than once. Nobody’s perfect and part of not being a douchebag is in how we think about and talk to OURSELVES. Reactivity is not an easy thing to overcome. But if IN our organizing circles the vibe is thick with tension and anger and mistrust…. what are we perpetuating IN THE NAME OF something “better”?

Not being a douchebag is quite literally one of the most revolutionary things someone can practice. Also meditation. But thats for a different post.