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Prop 37 confusion

November 7, 2012


I’m confused. I’m concerned. I’m thinking of moving to Colorado, where they passed some measures that actually make sense! Legalizing hemp and marijuana is a huge victory, though it will be interesting how the federal government responds.  Didn’t Obama promise not to crack down on MJ and then come down harder on dispensaries (in states […]

what, exactly, is the “moment of conception”

September 13, 2011


Mississippi to vote on reversing abortion rights by redefining ‘person’ | World news | Another flyover state is on the “Repeal Roe V. Wade” Bandwagon.  Not so shocking.  What is really bugging me though is this idea that life and personhood begins at “conception”: Mississippi voters will be allowed to vote on an initiative that […]

my secret to getting out of a funk: practice gratitude

September 7, 2011


Today I feel compelled from deep within to set aside reading news and such and explore gratitude.  And I don’t mean just rattling off things I know I should be grateful for, but feeling it down to my core. Literally feeling (emphatic pause) grateful. And how that changes my mindset and the way i interact with the world […]

PP to End Abortions In 3 Arizona Cities as Roe V. Wade is chipped away…

August 18, 2011


Planned Parenthood To End Abortions In 3 Arizona Cities : NPR. “I think we’ve really done women a disservice in all parts of the state by imposing rules that have no medical significance and just creating barriers,” said Bryan Howard, president of Planned Parenthood of Arizona.\ duh The move came a week after an Arizona […]

United States v. Marijuana

August 13, 2011


United States v. Marijuana: Dispatches from the Field: War Without End. Check it: California was the first state to outlaw “loco weed.” At the time, 1913, Congress lacked the power to outlaw drugs or alcohol at the federal level. Alcohol prohibition, which lasted from 1919 to 1933, required an amendment to the Constitution, while drug […]

Weekly Health Tip: Stress and the Brain

August 12, 2011


Weekly Health Tip: Stress and the Brain – Health Blog.  In a time and place where stress is perceived as the norm (i mean hey, if you’re not stressed out you’re probably a lazy socialist or something, amirite?) I thought it would be important to share why touchyfeely things like, meditation and relaxation are actually […]

I wanna read good news, good news!

August 2, 2011


and so here ya go!  Days where really good news is abundant is rare, and I believe it shouldn’t be taken for granted.  I had read these articles separately throughout the day, and yet  the happiness i felt didn’t surface until i read them all together.  In a row.  It’s awesome!  i truly believe in […]