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fear and monogamy and independence and rhetoric

August 10, 2011


I feel like i’m on the verge of a committed relationship… there’s a lot of layers in this thought.  I don’t find this concept as straightforward as most of my peers seem to. I am like an ogre, you see. I have layers. at first my fear of committed relationship manifests in the fear of […]

the ONLY reason i’m for Gay Marriage

August 10, 2011


S.F. gay married couple loses immigration battle. is so shit like this doesn’t happen anymore. There is no logical excuse for two life partners to have to go through this: Citing the Defense of Marriage Act, the Obama administration denied immigration benefits to a married gay couple from San Francisco and ordered the expulsion of a man […]

Marriage: Cousins vs. Queers

June 1, 2011


More U.S. States Allow Cousins To Marry Than Same-Sex Couples |  ok so first of all, i don’t like least when it’s still tied to benefits two people can get from the government (and various private agencies that rely on what the gov’t says about such issues).  I don’t think that gay “marriage” […]

a normal friday night

March 11, 2011


Sort of.  I do go out more these days, but a normal weekend night for me includes perusing the interwebs and watching movies, maybe having a glass or two of wine.  I’m always so exhausted after work and after a week of work and a week in my head.  I’m always exhausted.  And after some […]