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they’re not even TRYING to be sneaky or elusive about it anymore…

July 19, 2011


On debt, Obama team pleaded with credit rating firms before downgrade warnings – The Washington Post. At one key moment, worried that news of a potential downgrade could wreak havoc on the markets, officials summoned four Standard & Poor’s analysts to a meeting with nearly every senior member of President Obama’s economic team at which Treasury Secretary Timothy […]

Demand “compromise” in deficit reduction (a petition.. super easy activism)

May 31, 2011


Cut Defense Spending and End the Bush Tax Cuts.  Our government is supposed to represent us. Use your voice. I agree with this cause. I take issue with the rhetoric however: There’s been a lot of talk in Washington lately about ways to cut the deficit. Time and time again, this talk has been focused […]


March 21, 2011


Is taking out Gaddafi a goal?: Cameron told MPs: “The UN resolution is limited in its scope and explicitly does not provide legal authority for action to bring about Gaddafi’s removal by military means. We will help fulfil the security council aims, and leave it to the Libyan people to determine their government and their […]

enough is enough… seriously

March 15, 2011


I just don’t understand…. and i’m really fucking frustrated about it. Teacher Layoff Day at Mission High | Mother Jones: Even though the state’s real budget numbers will only become clear after a special election in June—in which Governor Jerry Brown will ask voters to approve a temporary sales tax increase to save schools—California mandates today’s […]