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Feministe on OccupyWallStreet

September 27, 2011


Occupy Wall Street protestors face police violence — Feministe.  Over the last, 4-5 days (when people actually started to pay attention or even know what was happening) I’ve heard a lot of different sentiments.  One common one is dismissal.  “there’s only x amount of people there”  “they’re not making a difference” “it’s just a bunch […]

Say “white supremacist heteropatriarchal nationalism” 5x fast!

September 14, 2011


Short History (2) — Feministe. I’ve been waiting for this post!  My brain is in love. Check out the breakdown of these ideas… or even.. just think about them.  Read. Ponder. I’m stoked: So why does any of this matter? Well, if capitalism is a system of distribution that normalizes the idea that some have more […]

I wanna read good news, good news!

August 2, 2011


and so here ya go!  Days where really good news is abundant is rare, and I believe it shouldn’t be taken for granted.  I had read these articles separately throughout the day, and yet  the happiness i felt didn’t surface until i read them all together.  In a row.  It’s awesome!  i truly believe in […]

hey beyonce..

July 27, 2011


Who run the world? Men, actually. — Feministe. so i’ve had an ISH with this lady for a while, and i’m so glad to be able to read articles that can articulate my feelings because i’m too lazy to do it myself … mostly kidding… mostly… but seriously, what’s the deal? But for all her […]

So what’s a Slut Walk? Round two

June 7, 2011


Early last month I posted on the slutwalks that were going down.. sorta. I linked an article to it.  Since then the controversy, fervor, love and hate surrounding these events has not quieted.  The momentum has carried.  So here’s a little more information on the SlutWalks: Here’s a GREAT VIDEO of Jessica Valenti discussing the […]

Women’s Rights Petition: Tell the NYPD: Train Your Cops About Sexual Assault! / NY protest

May 30, 2011


Women’s Rights Petition: Tell the NYPD: Train Your Cops About Sexual Assault! |  Why was there a protest on Friday? Well in case you haven’t heard, Feministe lays it all out quite nicely: WHY: · We deserve to be safe. This verdict, and the way the NYPD acted, sends the message that we’re not. “Cuddling” […]

Look at that slut.. a daily dose of blatant double standards

May 10, 2011


Look at that slut. — Feministe. Yeah. Aaron Schock is single and a conservative Baptist, and he has some sick abs. Now try to picture Erin Schock, newly elected to Congress, single and a conservative Baptist with some sick abs, on the cover of Women’s Health. Just sayin’.