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wait… what? Women… LIKE SEX!?!?!?

August 11, 2011


Anti-feminist market theories of sexuality fail to explain the data.. The common theme of anti-feminism of the ’60s through roughly the ’90s was basically, “Feminism is emasculating.  Now go make me a sandwich.”  Alas, anti-feminists are beginning to realize that overt misogyny isn’t really the selling point it used to be, and so now anti-feminism […]

Kinsey Institute Survey Finds Men Like to Cuddle

July 7, 2011


Kinsey Institute Survey Finds Men Need to Cuddle, Women Value Sexual Satisfaction – – TIME Healthland. what shocking and groundbreaking revelations!  Sarcasm aside, this article has a lot of GREAT information, like: for instance, men who reported frequent kissing or cuddling with their partners were on average three times as happy with their relationships as […]


November 29, 2010


So I watched Get Him to the Greek for the second time last night, and there’s this one part of the movie that keeps replaying in my head. It’s a small scene and i couldn’t find any clips of it to post, but it’s the part at the beginning where Jonah Hill is talking to […]