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“Virginity Testing” by Egyptian Army – an Analysis, What’s at stake, & my revolutionary vision

June 1, 2011


Democratizing the New Egypt: “Virginity Testing” by Egyptian Army. This is a longer article, and well worth the read, but here are the parts I found particularly astute and more in depth than other analyses I have read (though I think her (American/Western) privilege shows when she so easily dismisses how severe the cultural differences […]

Lara Logan breaks silence on Cairo assault

May 2, 2011


Lara Logan breaks silence on Cairo assault – 60 Minutes – CBS News. Logan: That women never complain about incidents of sexual violence because you don’t want someone to say, “Well women shouldn’t be out there.” But I think there are a lot of women who experience these kinds of things as journalists and they […]

When I should be sleeping

March 28, 2011


I’m reading about how egypt is facing more trouble: On Thursday, the SCAF approved a decree that criminalizes participation in or incitement of protests that disrupt work, a measure normally taken during states of emergency. The penalty for violation is one year in jail or a fine of L.E. 500,000. By approving this decree, the […]


March 20, 2011


The results of Egypts voting are in, and the amendments were voted for. Not everyone was happy though: The liberal wing of Egyptian politics was heavily against the measure, saying they did not have enough time to organize into effective political organizations. They said early elections will benefit the brotherhood and the old ruling party, […]

a normal friday night

March 11, 2011


Sort of.  I do go out more these days, but a normal weekend night for me includes perusing the interwebs and watching movies, maybe having a glass or two of wine.  I’m always so exhausted after work and after a week of work and a week in my head.  I’m always exhausted.  And after some […]

happy hump day

March 9, 2011


From feministing, a couple of news stories that are absolutely atrocious.  An 11 year old girl was raped by as many as 18 men and the victim blaming is out of control…. also a trans woman was brutally murdered. and THEN (as if that wasn’t enough) from USC some “rape-tastic” email was sent around degrading […]

for International Women’s Right’s day…

March 8, 2011


What is gender and why does it matter? I need people to think about this and respond. I need good conversations around this. Something that has fascinated me for some time: Men’s rights activists: An introduction — The Good Men Project Magazine. These men feel victimized, they feel exploited, they feel ignored, they feel impotent. And […]