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US Uncut Brings Their Lesson to a Corporate Tax Dodger (awesome video!)

May 11, 2011


US Uncut Brings Their Lesson to a Corporate Tax Dodger | The Nation. This is amaaazziinnggg. The video makes it so easy to comprehend. This is exactly the kind of activism that needs to be happening.  My favorite quotes: “Hopefully our supposed leaders will follow” and “Here bribery is called lobbying” but the entire thing is […]

What would happen to the deficit if Corporations paid their fair share?

March 27, 2011


Release: Tax Time? Not for Giant Corporations – Newsroom: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont).: While hard working Americans fill out their income tax returns this tax season, General Electric and other giant profitable corporations are avoiding U.S. taxes altogether. With Congress returning to Capitol Hill on Monday to debate steep spending cuts, Sen. Bernie Sanders […]

enough is enough… seriously

March 15, 2011


I just don’t understand…. and i’m really fucking frustrated about it. Teacher Layoff Day at Mission High | Mother Jones: Even though the state’s real budget numbers will only become clear after a special election in June—in which Governor Jerry Brown will ask voters to approve a temporary sales tax increase to save schools—California mandates today’s […]

Stephen King talks politics

March 12, 2011


Stephen King Slams Tea Party, Suggests Putting Florida Governor Rick Scott in Horror Novel | AlterNet. this is awesome. I’ve read more of his books and short stories than a person should.  I’m glad to know I was supporting a kick ass person.