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Visualize Insurrection

December 15, 2011


this may feel somewhat disjointed, but I feel each piece of information is like a piece to the puzzle… So the other day while i was at revolution books i bought a sticker that says “visualize insurrection”. to me, the blending of visualization (some form of spirituality or at the very least higher consciousness/the recognition […]

“Virginity Testing” by Egyptian Army – an Analysis, What’s at stake, & my revolutionary vision

June 1, 2011


Democratizing the New Egypt: “Virginity Testing” by Egyptian Army. This is a longer article, and well worth the read, but here are the parts I found particularly astute and more in depth than other analyses I have read (though I think her (American/Western) privilege shows when she so easily dismisses how severe the cultural differences […]


March 18, 2011


Why don’t americans fight back?: Other observers of subjugated societies have recognized this phenomenon. Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educator and author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed, understood this reality, and so did Bob Marley, who is sort of the poet laureate of oppressed people of the world. Many Americans are embarrassed to accept that we, too, […]

Garbage, Sex work, Revolution, and Amurrika

March 14, 2011


More garbage from the GOP: Peck’s response to media coverage of this? He was only joking, apparently. As if even a joke like that would be in any way fitting for a public representative. Oh and, it’s not his fault either, apparently everyone else from where he is from is also a racist.. a GREAT […]