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vaginal penis traps and the beauty of the information sharing age

August 5, 2012


the main reason i frequent facebook is because it presents a platform to share and discuss ideas that are broadcasted to wide networks (actually, this is one of two reasons i like facebook, for i know it is a monster). i know usually on the internet in many forums and comments sections under blogs/news stories […]

So What’s a Slutwalk? Round three

June 13, 2011


Easy activism tip for the day: Refuse to degrade women who are expressing their sexuality or fashion sense. aka: no more calling women sluts.   SlutWalk protests: A dress is not a yes – I keep posting about this topic because i think it’s probably one of the most important news/politics/culture stories/activism pieces I’ve […]

Unconscious women are sexually unavailable women

June 10, 2011


Consent ruling sends a welcome and clear message.  Mostly: The majority in the 6-3 decision, written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin and joined by the other three female and two male justices, ruled against the idea of “advance consent” to sexual assault. They properly concluded there can be no consent in law when a woman […]

New York City Cops Acquitted on Rape Charges

May 26, 2011


New York City Cops Acquitted on Rape Charges — Feministe.  this disgusts me.  As a woman, I’m terrified of cops. if i weren’t completely and utterly emotionally exhausted I’d be furious. I find it interesting that the cop said they “cuddled”… i thought the current consensus on sexual assault of women was that they “lead […]

Lara Logan breaks silence on Cairo assault

May 2, 2011


Lara Logan breaks silence on Cairo assault – 60 Minutes – CBS News. Logan: That women never complain about incidents of sexual violence because you don’t want someone to say, “Well women shouldn’t be out there.” But I think there are a lot of women who experience these kinds of things as journalists and they […]