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On Bieber and gender

July 31, 2012


    okay, Now I’ll be the first to admit i laughed. it was not a full on LOL, but a chuckle nonetheless. I saw this picture on Facebook, and i’m sure it’s currently being circulated amongst vast networks of peers, and everyone’s having a good laugh. But I really wanted to take a minute […]

the resurrection… of my blog

July 25, 2012


As we’ve been entering into the full swing of political theatre with the impending November election, I have (clearly) taken a hiatus from this blog.  From October to April I was occupying and that was a full time endeavor.  I’m now going to attempt in the coming months to resurrect it,  because even if all […]

Women’s Rights Petition: Demand Facebook Remove Pages That Promote Sexual Violence (easy activism)

September 21, 2011


Women’s Rights Petition: Demand Facebook Remove Pages That Promote Sexual Violence | check it: The following are actual pages on Facebook:  “Raping your mates girlfriend to see if she can put up a fight”, “Kicking Sluts in the Vagina,” “I know a silly little bitch that needs a good slap,” and “Riding your Girlfriend softly, Cause […]

what, exactly, is the “moment of conception”

September 13, 2011


Mississippi to vote on reversing abortion rights by redefining ‘person’ | World news | Another flyover state is on the “Repeal Roe V. Wade” Bandwagon.  Not so shocking.  What is really bugging me though is this idea that life and personhood begins at “conception”: Mississippi voters will be allowed to vote on an initiative that […]

Beauty Pageants and Feminism

September 13, 2011


From Feministe — In defense of the sanctimonious women’s studies set.. YES: The feminist arguments against beauty pageants are obvious, and have been around even before the famous 1968 demonstrations at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, which spawned that impossible-to-kill myth of feminist bra-burning. But in 2007, when women are attending college and grad […]

we need an ap for this!

September 9, 2011


The Deadly Labor Behind Our Phones, Laptops and Consumer Gadgets – COLORLINES. I think it’s important to stop and assess what role we all have in this.  I don’t have an iphone, i have a laptop though, and my poor nokia will only last so long… In Foxconn’s highest-paying factories, located in China’s coastal cities, […]

Don’t like normally-functioning vaginas? Then you should be disallowed from fucking them.

September 5, 2011


now this is something nobody wants to (real) talk about: period sex. I will be the first one to admit that i’m not a fan, but it has more to do with the fact that my uterus generally feels like a fiery pit from hell and the mess factor (showers are an awesome way around […]