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United States v. Marijuana

August 13, 2011


United States v. Marijuana: Dispatches from the Field: War Without End. Check it: California was the first state to outlaw “loco weed.” At the time, 1913, Congress lacked the power to outlaw drugs or alcohol at the federal level. Alcohol prohibition, which lasted from 1919 to 1933, required an amendment to the Constitution, while drug […]

Weekly Health Tip: Stress and the Brain

August 12, 2011


Weekly Health Tip: Stress and the Brain – Health Blog.  In a time and place where stress is perceived as the norm (i mean hey, if you’re not stressed out you’re probably a lazy socialist or something, amirite?) I thought it would be important to share why touchyfeely things like, meditation and relaxation are actually […]

An EPIC & PERSONAL take on the politics playing out

May 3, 2011


Cutting Planned Parenthood and Fixing the World — Feministe. It’s so wonderfully worded. this young woman is a bad ass.  If she was 21 I’d want to take her to a bar. This isn’t abstract or distant or irrelevant to my life; it’s real and it’s scary and it’s fucking disgusting. The fact that the […]

5 Myths About The Penis

April 29, 2011


5 Myths About The Penis. my fav’s (especially the last one): Myth: “A hard dick has no conscience.” I’m often asked whether erections take blood from the brain, thus inhibiting decision making. Though erections are indeed caused by blood flow into the penis, the body has more than enough blood to support the operation of […]

a normal friday night

March 11, 2011


Sort of.  I do go out more these days, but a normal weekend night for me includes perusing the interwebs and watching movies, maybe having a glass or two of wine.  I’m always so exhausted after work and after a week of work and a week in my head.  I’m always exhausted.  And after some […]