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government pushing back on financial industry?

September 1, 2011


U.S. Said to Be Ready to Sue Banks Over Mortgages – There’s a lot to this article, but i found this part particularly interesting: Besides the angry investors, 50 state attorneys general are in the final stages of negotiating a settlement to address abuses by the largest mortgage servicers, including Bank of America, JPMorgan […]

‪Sen. Gillibrand: Women need to get Off The Sidelines‬‏

July 23, 2011


‪Kirsten Gillibrand: Off The Sidelines‬‏ – YouTube. Senator Gillibrand is a boss.  I appreciate the part about needing women, which I think is a lot more positive, and honest, than the energy generally aimed at women who aren’t involved in the movement.

Guantánamo Files – Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit

April 25, 2011


Guantánamo Files – In Dossier, Portrait of Push for Post-9/11 Attacks – The newly revealed assessments, obtained last year by the groupWikiLeaksand provided by another source to The Times, have revived the dispute, nearly as old as the prison, over whether mistreatment of some prisoners there and the prison’s operation outside the criminal justice […]

Do Academics Have A Duty To Join The Government? The New Republic

March 11, 2011


Do Academics Have A Duty To Join The Government? Abbott Gleason, Larry Summers, And Me. | The New Republic. I keep thinking of Cicero’s acerbic commentary on philosophers who refuse to serve the public realm: “Impeded by the love of learning, they abandon those whom they ought to protect.” Even worse, he accuses them of […]