a random thought about men’s rights groups

Posted on March 9, 2014


I spent a very short amount of time reading some men’s rights blogs (warning: not for the faint of heart), and something really struck me.  Most comments I read – especially in response to articles/news stories regarding allegations of rape or domestic violence – said things like “what about male victims?” and “women can rape too”.  which is true!

But you know which groups commits violence against men most? OTHER MEN.  

Violence against women and domestic violence get a lot of attention because men have disproportionate power in our society compared to women – economically, physically, etc.  So it’s EASIER for men to control, coerce and manipulate women using tactics such as economic control (in a society where women are still underpaid, and in the case of queer and trans* people the effect is magnified) and physical violence.  This is not to say that its impossible for men to be victims of partner abuse or domestic violence.  It is to say that for them to be victims at the hands of women is *less likely* based on the structure of our current society.  

And my point is that if men’s rights groups want to protect men (which is a noble and valuable cause as we, collectively, should be more concerned with taking care of one another), they should focus on the root cause of violence against men instead of using equality rhetoric as a thinly veiled backlash against empowered women.

End ramblings. 

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