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#j18 internet blackout

January 16, 2012


First of all,  if you haven’t heard of sopa or pipa… go research for a sec or understand that its about internet censorship and the powers that be wanting to maintain power and control over the last bastion of unfettered information – which is a challenge to their authority. We have seen the ways in […]

My Little Tracking Device

January 14, 2012


It took me a very very long time to upgrade my cellphone to a smart phone (and it wouldn’t have happened if my parents weren’t so Rad – thanks mom!). I didn’t *really* want one for all of my socioeconomic-political-hippie-resistance reasons.. but now that I have one.. can I just say how impressed I am!?!?! […]

An Equation

January 11, 2012


NDAA + SOPA + the Enemy Expatriation Act  + the Protect IP Act + Military Drones Spying on US = x now solve