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Declaration of the Occupation of New York City

September 29, 2011


No matter what your views on the Occupy Wall Street protests, whether you don’t understand it, can’t get behind it, don’t really care that much, whatever.  This is some powerful language that I think could, and should, resonate with a lot of people.  Declaration of the Occupation of New York City | NYC General Assembly.: […]

“Three powerfully wrong – and wrongfully powerful – american narratives about the Arab Spring” (an absolute must read)

June 12, 2011


This article lays down some knowledge: “Three powerfully wrong – and wrongfully powerful – american narratives about the Arab Spring” .  It’s long, and yes there are big words and complex ideas. But for the love of all things sane read the freaking article.  It is so crucial that we try to understand from as […]

Super Easy Activism.. an Idea

May 31, 2011


I’ve been toying with the idea recently to post more “easy activism” stuff. I enjoy passing along (and deconstructing when i have time/energy) news articles, blogs, and silly things on occasion because I have a feeling that people are not seeking out this information the way I am, but maybe if it’s right in front of them […]

the Democracy Movement in Bahrain

March 19, 2011


Scocca : Would a No-Fly Zone Over America Save the Democracy Movement in Bahrain?.


March 15, 2011


Milestones in Photography — National Geographic. it’s amazing how far we’ve come and makes one wonder how far we’ll go in the next 10, 20, 50 years. Can someone please explain to me 3 things: 1. why Glenn Beck is so fucking nuts, 2. how people take him seriously, and 3. why people aren’t deconstructing […]

Rachel Maddow: That not-so-democratic feeling

March 12, 2011


Rachel Maddow: That not-so-democratic feeling.

not what democracy should look like

March 10, 2011


All sizes | Print it out, pass it on. | Flickr – Photo Sharing!. though honestly I believe this is not how distributions would (or should) look in a functioning democracy, I think merely being outraged by wage/earning gaps is only a part of the problem.